What Are the Benefits of Auto Window Films?

MK Tints; a trusted name in the window film business for many years. We supply and install a comprehensive line of auto window tinting films.

MK Tints are approved installers of Llumar tinted window films and a AFC Fitment Centre. Llumar automotive window films are the world’s leading film company that will provide you with a great look as well as high performance and durability. Being approved Llumar installers means you can rely on us for professional installation which is backed up by Llumar’s colour stability guarantee.

Llumar provide an exclusive range of films in a wide variety of shades from light to dark. A ceramic tint is also available to maximise ultraviolet and heat rejection, keeping you and your car cool whilst providing protection from the damaging effects of the sun. Charcoal colours can be chosen to match your vehicle manufacturer’s factory fitted privacy glass and provide security for passengers and valuables.

Llumar films block 99% of harmful ultraviolet UV rays helping to protect against skin damage and protect your car interior from fading and cracking. Driving is also made more comfortable by reducing glare and eye strain. 

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