What Are the Benefits of Conservatory Window Films?

Is your conservatory too much of a hot house come summertime? MK Tints provide a wide range of conservatory window tinting films designed to help cool your conservatory from the heat rays omitted from the sunlight.

Films are available for both polycarbonate and glass roofs. There are numerous advantages of window film protection over conventional roof blinds, such as….

– Reduces internal heat and glare

– Low maintenance & cost effective

– Creates privacy

– Holds glass together in unfortunate event of a breakage

– Reduces fade to interior furniture

– Upgrade existing glass to BS6206

– Full Manufacture’s Guarantee

Whilst ordinary glass windows provide a functional benefit by opening up the outside world, they are susceptible to damage and breakages, either from natural causes or accidents. The added safety and security in the window films we provide is invaluable, as holding the glass together during hazardous situations can remove the possibility of causing further damage to either people or the interior by dangerous shards of glass.

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